Awards 2020

Spark Disruptors
Tue, Apr 20, 5:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Join us for the 8th annual Awards. This year’s virtual event, looking back at the ETF industry’s 2020 accomplishments, will come to you live from the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. Editor-in-Chief Drew Voros is joined by co-host journalist, tastemaker and iconic DJ Nic Harcourt to bring you an evening of accolades, learning, networking and even live music. This year we have partnered with founder Jim Wiandt and Spark Network, and are opening our (virtual) doors for anyone who would like to attend.


  • Luka Kloser

    Luka Kloser


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  • Dave Abner

    Dave Abner


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  • Reggie Browne

    Reggie Browne



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  • Bruce Bond

    Bruce Bond

    Innovator Capital Management

    Co-founder and CEO

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  • Nic Harcourt

    Nic Harcourt

    !Spark Network


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  • William Herrmann

    William Herrmann

    Wilshire Phoenix

    Founder and Managing Partner

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  • Matt Hougan

    Matt Hougan

    Bitwise Asset Management

    Chief Investment Officer

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  • Sylvia Jablonski

    Sylvia Jablonski

    Defiance ETFs

    Co-Founder and CIO

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  • Greg King

    Greg King

    Osprey Funds

    Founder and CEO

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  • Shaila Leekha

    Shaila Leekha

    iClima Earth

    Co-founder and COO

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  • Dan Lefkovitz

    Dan Lefkovitz


    Strategist, Indexes

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  • Seema Mody

    Seema Mody


    Global Markets Reporter

  • Cinthia Murphy

    Cinthia Murphy

    Managing Editor

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  • Bob Pisani

    Bob Pisani


    Senior Markets Correspondent

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  • Rene Reyna

    Rene Reyna


    Head of Thematic and Specialty Product Strategy for ETFs and Indexed Strategies

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  • John Southard

    John Southard

    Innovator Capital Management

    Co-Founder and CIO

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  • Mike Venuto

    Mike Venuto

    Toroso Investment


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  • Drew Voros

    Drew Voros


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  • Jim Wiandt

    Jim Wiandt

    Spark Network

    Keeper of Clear Vision

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  • Cameron Winklevoss

    Cameron Winklevoss


    Co-Founder, President

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  • Tyler Winklevoss

    Tyler Winklevoss


    Co-Founder, CEO

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  • Cathie Wood

    Cathie Wood

    Ark Investment Management

    Founder and CIO

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  • Spark Network

    Spark Network